Our Story

    Generative Box offers steel made modular boxes that can be easily expanded and stacked, revolutionizing traditional construction methodologies for builders.

    This innovative building approach provides a ready-to-use solution while prioritizing sustainability and minimizing CO2 emissions for a better future. By incorporating core values of sustainability, Generative Box provides an alternative construction method that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.





    Luxury HouseBoat is manufactured by a high-end marine engineering team and designed to be shipped as a flat-pack with a modular mindset.

    It is designed to give the sensation of the luxury yacht concept while providing all the necessary needs that a homeowner can look for.

    Urban Solution

    The ability to be bolted together through XYZ axes makes G-Boxes the perfect solution for urban utilities.

    The nature of these modules and their usability across different solutions give urban planners relief and make their planning process more fluid while taking advantage of modules that can be expanded or re-usable for a different solution.


    Relief Houses

    Relief Houses concept is designed to answer the latest unfortunate natural disaster happened in southern Turkey. These home modules are cost-effective and easy to build while ensuring low cost transportation.

    This houses will serve as temporarily disaster houses first, and then will be converted to permanent housing solution without any waste production.

    Why Choose G-Box?


    G-Boxes are designed to bolt together through the XYZ axis to create the intended final form for designers.


    G-Boxes are produced and formed with galvanized steel to ensure durability for all kinds of buildings.

    Fast Assembly

    A couple of identical connection points and profiles are all you need to create any kind of building solution in a fast and solid way.

    Easy to Design

    G-Boxes are engineered to answer all architectural design types with one product to make it easy for designers to create their dream spaces.

    Cost-Effective Transportation

    G-Box dimensions are set to overcome the logistic problem of modular architecture. we use freight truck dimensions to create a design mindset while ensuring low

    Spare Parts and Accessories

    Sector to designers. Customers can always order spare parts and additional accessories like items of furniture that can fit gboxes easily to level up their designs or handle their maintenance processes.

    Configure Your G-Box Online

    Architectural has never been that much easier. Design your final form via our configurator and create your structure with g-boxes. Export the final form as 3D to import in your design tool and start to create your dream space on the go.